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Current Taplist

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500 Pesos

Mexican Lager - 5%

ODD Light

American Light Lager - 4.5%

Backyard Rodeo

German Style Pils - 5%

Forgotten Genius

Vienna Lager- 5.2%


Oktoberfest / Marzen - 5.5%

Graveyard Ghosts

German Dark Lager - 4.4%

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Vietnamese Coffee Milk Stout - 11.4%

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100 Spokes

IPA - 7.3% (Mosaic, Citra)

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Silver Spaceship

Hazy IPA (Citra, Mosaic) - 6.9%

Parental Supervision

Double IPA - 8.5% (Mosaic, El Dorado, Idaho 7)

Lesson Learned

Triple IPA- 9% (Citra, Vic Secret, Sabro)

Dream Journal

Triple IPA - 9.3% (Azacca Cryo, Strara, Galaxy, Sabro)

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Beach Feels - Passion Fruit Tiki

Tiki Sour - 6% Sour fruited with passion fruit, pineapple, coconut and almond orgeat.

Cake Feels - Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pastry Sour - 6% Sour fruited with Pineapple, Sweet Cherry, Vanilla and Cinnamon

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Stomping Grounds

Coffee IPA - 7% (Collaboration with Denton County Brewing Co)

Gourdy Spice

Pumpkin Spice Ale - 6%

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Woodpecker Lips

Scotch Ale (Wee Heavy) - 9.2%

Barrel Aged Woodpecker Lips

Bourbon Barrel Aged Scotch Ale (Wee Heavy) - 12%

Snake Bitten Souls I

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout aged on Cocoa Nibs - 14%

Snake Bitten Souls II

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout aged on Cocoa Nibs and Coconut - 14%

Snake Bitten Souls II

Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout aged on Cocoa Nibs and Hazelnut - 14%

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or call 214 200 3172 

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odd shots

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what they say about us

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The overall selection of beers represents a well-balanced spectrum, but for the most part, the brewery continued forward by experimenting with bright, vibrant hop combinations for some uniquely bold, satisfying IPAs.

The Dallas Morning News

With a 10-barrel brewing system, Diaz has his sights set on crowd-pleasing beers first. A blonde, a Hefeweizen, a Russian imperial stout and a couple of IPA offerings will make up the charter beer lineup when the doors open, which they aim to be in December.

Dallas Observer

With options including a blonde ale, a hefeweizen, two IPAs and a stout. One IPA, Muse Juice, was of the hazy variety, while another more piney-esque offering, Never the Lesser, was a bit more old school. In fact, old school is how I'd describe my favorite beer on the board, a dry and roasty Russian imperial stout called Opulence.

Beer in Big D
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Local artwork featured in our taproom